Vestland Marine was founded in 1997 (as Vestland Rederi AS) by Mr. Jarle Rasmussen in Haugesund. In 2002 Vestland Marine Sp.z o.o. was incorporated in Gdynia Poland in a direct continuation of Vestland Rederi AS activities. Vestland Marine took over the management from Vestland Rederi, that still exists under its name with same Owner. Vestland Marine has its roots in Company called Vestland Rederi, which was established in Norway in 1997. Currently based in Gdynia, private owned fully integrated Ship Management Company, handle all related functions, such as ship management, operations, crewing and partly chartering in-house. During the first 10 years, the Company operated Dry Cargo Vessels as well as Chemical and Product Tankers, having a fleet of up to 14 vessels, during its heyday. Gradually during the years the size of the vessel in Vestland Marine’s fleet has increased from the first one at 1900 DWT up to 22700 DWT.

The rapid expansion of Vestland Marine resulted in set up of subsidiary company Ramco Marine in 2005, ship design and consulting company. Ramco Marine can provide services from initial conceptual analysis and engineering to major ship conversion projects on its own quayside in Gdansk and in the nearby shipyards. As the president of Vestland Marine stated emphatically, “We are always looking for the right opportunity and the right people, and we have examined more than one possibility for increasing our business.” Thus, in 2007 the Company entered the Offshore market with PSV, Standby/Rescue Oil Recovery, Seismic Support, Seismic Cable Laying and Seismic Research Vessels. The Company successfully operated offshore vessels until 2014, when the crisis in the offshore oil and gas industry began. At that time the Company decided to reoriented its services into tourism industry and management of the passenger vessels.

A Summary and some Milestones

  • 2021

    Head Office moved to the new location

  • 2014

    First passenger vessel chartered

  • 2007

    First supply vessel under full management joins the fleet

  • 2005

    Development of Ramco Marine, 100% owned by Vestland Marine

  • 2004

    14 Tankers under full management

  • 2002

    Vestland Marine Sp.z o.o. is incorporated in Gdynia, Poland

  • 1997

    Vestland Rederi AS is established in Haugesund, Norway.